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Curriculum Vitae

Slide Show

The company's mission, and some of its past experience and capabilities are represented in the slide show. 

This company is about servicing clients, engineering unique leathers, and providing a unique value to the
 public in the field of leather. This is partially represented in the few pictures which appear in the "Slide Show".

 Book Binding Leathers require unique raw stock, unique mechanical and unique aesthetic properties. 

 Siegel has a varied and extensive sources combined with technical expertise in the leather industry. 
Picture 1: "Tikkun Bound by Wes Baker" Unusual leather produced as sample, unique in its aesthetic appearance, but clearly is able to blind tool, take gold leaf and pare all using Albumin Glare. (Typical of the mechanical and unique aesthetic properties of Siegel's bookbinding leathers.)
Picture 2: "Book Bound in Siegel's Genuine Levant by Don Etherington" This book from the 1600's was bound in leather that has not been available for over 70 years. As a challenge, Steven Siegel successfully was able to reproduce a leather whch has been otherwise unavailable. It took us 1 1/2 years of R&D and many thousands of dollars in research costs. It is now available again from Siegel Leather. Picture 3: "US Military Plane" We were told that some of our military spec leather was used in this US Military Plane. Can you identify the plane? The plane is representatitve of the many items which Siegel has made to military specs, such as leather used in the anti-gravity suit used by our fighter pilots. In addition to military spec leathers, Siegel has provided leathers for medical applications and...... Picture 4: "Western Saddle Produced with Siegel's Double Tanned Skirting"
For over 30 years, Siegel's has had a strong "hand" in the equestrian leather field. The pictured saddle was made on a leather engineered especially by Siegel called Double Tanned Skirting. The techniques that were used to make this leather were emulated on techniques used in European tannages of heavy leathers. Siegel also holds the exclusive rights for "Frech Bridle", a leather used in the construction of a saddle presented to Nancy Reagan by her husband, then President Ronald Reagan as a birthday gift. Siegel also supplied the "leathers" used on 12 of the Kentucky Derby Winners, as well as the leather for the polo boots of HRH Prince Charles, as well as the stirrup leathers for a plethora of high goal polo players from the USA to Argentina to the UK... and the list continues. Most of these leathers were engineered by Siegel, specifically for their intended application. Picture 5: "Gavel" This represents the expert witness work that Steven Siegel has performed. His "track record" is perfect.Though his hourly fee is on the upper end, Steven Siegel has never been required to appear in trial due to the strengh of the reports prepared for his clients. In each case, the reports were so compelling that litigation was avoided with Mr Siegel's client always the prevailing party. CV and recommendations to qualified clients available on request.