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Smooth Goat Customer Examples

I've bound many books in your leathers over the years, but the ONLY one I've done using the new batch is the book in the attached images. It's a large blank book specifically made for a calligrapher with heavy cover-weight pages.

This book was bound in your mocha, smooth goat. It has A4 size pages, raised cords on the spine, and copper lettering.

I'm sure I'll have more books bound in your leather in the future, but out of the new batch, this is the only one.

My website can be found at:

Thanks, Tedra


Attached are photographs of a book which was rebacked with British Tan Smooth Goatskin.
Hope this is helpful.


Courtesy of Monique Lallier. Our Navy Smooth Goat used in a Design Binding

Monique Lallier is a world-renowned bookbinder. Her bindings are in major collections and libraries throughout the world as well as in major private collections.