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Sokoto Goat

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Throughout history, Sokoto goat has been the premier vegetable tanned goat available (see Report of the Committee on Leather for Bookbinding, Royal Society of Arts, London 1905. Because these skins come from Nigeria, a region in political turmoil, they are very difficult to obtain. As a result, we are the only purveyor in the United States that we know of who offers genuine Sokoto goatskins. Other vendors may offer imitations of these skins which are often called Morocco goatskins, but these are not the quality of the skins from the Sokoto region of Nigeria.

About Sokoto Goatskins
The raw stock is selected from Sokoto. The skins are pre-tanned in bagaruwa, prepared from the seed pods of the bagaruwa tree (also known as Acacia Arabica). They are then shipped to the UK to be re-tanned in Sumac and go through other proprietary tanning processes.

Skins average 6.00-6.50 ft/each; range in size from 4.75-9.00+ sq ft/each Substance is 0.8-1.0 mm

The leather is priced per skin. Grade #1/#2 is suitable for full bindings. Grade #3 is for three quarter bindings. The down grading is primarily for discoloration, rarely for holes. Our current price structure is as follows: (This leather is also suitable for fine small leather goods.)

Size Grade Price With 18%
  Grade Price With 18%
4.75-5.25 ft #1/#2 $108.84/skin $89.25/skin   #3 $57.62/skin $47.25/skin
5.50-6.25 ft #1/#2 $129.57/skin $106.25/skin   #3 $68.60/skin $56.25/skin
6.50-7.25 ft #1/#2 $150.30/skin $123.25/skin   #3 $79.57/skin $65.25/skin
7.50 & up #1/#2 $186.59/skin $153.00/skin   #3 $103.66/skin $85.00/skin
*All Leather Guaranteed To Meet Your Satisfaction

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